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paid to poop

Funny story for you today:

Back when I first started my career, before I started this email marketing bidness, I worked for a design agency that allowed me to work from home.

And so, in an effort to “go the extra mile,” I used to bring my laptop into my bathroom when I took a #2.

In other words, I got paid to poop.

I still do this sometimes—in fact, some of my best work comes while I’m sitting on the “throne.”

But I wanna talk about something else today:

Y’see when I was at the old job (which has been going on 4 years now), I was never fully appreciated.

I used to work until about 7 pm almost every night.

As aforementioned, I used to lug my laptop 5 steps into my bathroom, and burn my poor quads while I set my laptop on my lap and 💩.

I generated an absurd amount of moolah from email that I got no credit for. (Since we had a monthly service fee setup via Stripe, it was damn near impossible to track where our revenue came from with any sense of accuracy.)

And, my story ended with said company with the accumulation of these things, plus a few others where I was treated like ab-so-lute dogshit, and I decided to leave to start my own thang. Within a couple of months, I doubled my monthly salary. Within a couple of years, I tripled my annual salary.

Best part?

I work less now than I did then.

I don’t take shyt from clients like I did from my bosses.

And, for a part of irony that’s not lost on me, said company recently laid off something like half their staff.

Moral of the story?

Bet on yourself, cully.

It might not be the fastest way to “level up.” But it’s the most effective way, especially if you aren’t a lil bitch who quits.

(Excuse my French…)

Which brings me to bidness:

If you want to prove you made the right decision by starting your business, and you want to stick it to former employers, family members who counted you out, or anybody else on this blue and green earth, book a call here.

We’ll work your email marketing strategy, create a plan for squeezing more revenue out of your email list while also turning your customers into diehard brand loyalists that will go to bat for you if’n drama ever comes your way.


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