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Ozempic Olympics

Yesterday, I wrote an email about Ozempic—the latest pharmaceutical drug to take the world by storm because it can supposedly reverse type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Of course, as with all pharmaceuticals, this comes with a mighty cost. Potential severe side effects include things like stomach paralysis, kidney damage, cancer, and death.

In fact, after writing this email for a client yesterday to warn our customers about this new drug, right on cue, I saw a news clipping on Facebook:

A mother died because she took Ozempic to slim down for her daughter’s wedding.

And you know what?

You’d think these severe and lethal side effects would make people think twice. But nope. The company who produces Ozempic has become the #1 most valuable corporation since its introduction.

Moral of the story?

Everyone loves a cheat code.

And a cheat code like Ozempic can outweigh every single one of the dangerous side effects.

Of course, there are several copy implications to this for those wise enough to see it, and those courageous enough to make their money in a decent way, i.e. not pimping out dangerous drugs and supplements.

For example:

  • Giving your customers a cheat code to achieve their goal

  • Highlighting the negatives of your product or service (of course, Ozempic blew up and got FDA approval without mentioning many of the most severe side effects, but The Powers That Be get to play a different game than us civilians)

  • Word of mouth spreads quick fast — if your product actually works (which has been the case for many people with Ozempic, which is the unfortunate truth)

And there are many more.


Need help stirring up an Ozempic-level demand for your products and services (without running the risk of being culpable for the deaths of other fellow humans)?

Hit reply and let’s chat.


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