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One of my clients is finally seeing the forest for the trees


One of my clients that I’ve been working with for about two years (give or take) is finally seeing the forest for the trees. 

Here’s what I mean: 

Despite our working together for years, he’s had a hard time “letting go” of some of the mundane writing he’s forced himself to do. 

And you know what? 

This is a problem that haunts every business owner I’ve had the pleasure of working with, learning from, or hearing about. 

But it’s a deadly problem if’n you let it go on long enough. 

Quick example: 

When we chatted yesterday, one of the things he told me was how he’s had a new product ready to launch for weeks. But because he has so many other sponsperbilities, it kept falling to the backburner. For weeks, mayhap even months. 

I just learned about this new project yesterday—and will give it the proper product launch treatment next week. 

(Money is attracted to speed) 

Or try this one on for size: 

We met another time a few weeks back. He had a similar problem as the one I described above: For years, the company’s main paid lead magnet has been an entry point for thousands and THOUSands of potential long-term customers. But they’ve neglected the upsell automations for just as long. 

Now, they’re better off than most brands already: They do, in fact, have some flows set up selling the flagship subscription service. But they just don’t convert as well as they oughta. For as long as the lead magnets and flows have been live, they’ve resulted in less than 20% of people who go through the paid lead magnet becoming actual subscription customers. 

It’s been on his to-do list to update the emails in the flow to ratchet up the conversion rates for years. But, since his #1 skill is not copywriting, he’s kept pushing it back. 

Now, I don’t blame him for pushing it back. He provides value to his company in other, more important ways. 

However, I wish he would’ve told me about this sooner. 


Well, within a few weeks of getting the project, I finished the project. The emails are going through edits now—and they’ll hopefully go live within the next week or so. 

Not only will my emails convert a higher percentage of our leads into customers, but it’s also taken a massive weight off his shoulders. This frees him up to do what he’s best at, which, in this case, means shooting more videos, more podcasts, and being the “face” of the brand he created. 

This is something that happens to every entrepreneur. Hell, it even happened to me too. That’s why, for example, I outsource my lead gen instead of adding that weight to my shoulders, making me less skilled at everything else I do—for no other reason than having less energy. 

Moral of the story? 

Unless you run a copywriting business like your daily-ish email host here, writing copy isn’t the best use of your time. 

Yes, even if you’re good at writing copy (like my client is). 

As a business owner, the sooner you can get out of the weeds of your business, the sooner you can see the forest for the trees. 

And the sooner you do that, the sooner the team’s synergies start, well, synergizing. 

And that, my cully, is how you get compound interest from not only your efforts, but your team’s efforts. 

The end result is making more money, having fewer frustrations, and preventing burnout.

Do with this what thou wilt. 

And if’n you need help to stop missing the forest for the trees, hit reply, and let’s chat. 


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