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okay, okay I’ll get petty…

As I write this, tis the day after Black Friday.

Annnnnnd boy do I have a hot scoop (and cautionary tale) for you.

Few months back, I told you the story about how a client refused to pay me for months. He “ghosted” me, and I refused to work with him ever again. In fact, I even refused to work with the entire industry he works in as a whole because this ain’t the first time this happened with this particular industry.

Well, I still have access to his Klaviyo.

No, I didn’t do anything nefarious — like turn off all his campaigns, send a harmful email, or anything of the sorts.

I’m not *that* petty.

And that could come back and haunt me.

But, turns out, he already did that himself...

Here’s what happened:

I was in another client’s Klaviyo account on Black Friday. We’re having an incredible Black Friday already. We almost hit last year’s Black Friday weekend’s numbers in one day. We still have a full three days left — so we’re gonna absolutely crush last year’s numbers.

Then, I saw this client’s Klaviyo account in my admin window. So I decided to peak into his account and see how his Black Friday sales were going. The only thing I knew before I looked was that he was offering a 60% discount (almost double what I did with my other client).


It’s worse than I thought.

In fact, it’s almost as if I did go in and sabotage his Klaviyo account with how god-awful his campaigns performed.

Just how bad were they?

They made a whopping $200.





I’ve written him higher revenue-generating emails without offering an absurd 60% off too.

Moral of the story?

Well, for one, don’t ghost me when you owe me money. Then, you’ll have to rely on writing your own copy, and it’ll never be as good as the copy I cook up for you.

And for two, he’s made a bigger mistake than I would’ve if I sabotaged his Klaviyo account:

I’m still signed up for his emails.

And he sends maybe one email per week.

Every. Single. Email. Offers. A. Discount.

Most marketers think the only way to make sales is to discount.

Sure, price is one factor that can boost sales. But it comes with a steep cost when every email you send offers another discount:

You cheapen your brand. You burn out your list. And you wind up only making $200 on Black Friday — a day where most ecom brands laugh their way to the bank and then some.


Wanna grow your email revenue without relying on discounts?

Grab a time here, and let’s chat.


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