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Numbers lie (especially with email marketing)

I’m not one who fetishizes email data, metrics, stats, and what’s working “now” type advice from other email gurus.


Because it’s easy to manipulate certain email stats. And, when you regurgitate the same email concepts because some guru told you “tHiS iS wOrKiNg NoW!i!i!” you water down your message and blend in with your competitors.

Instead, there’s something far more powerful, useful, and reliable than your run-of-the-mill email advice from your favorite guru:

Email philosophy.

For example, a few days ago I told you about the overlooked “left-to-right” trick for higher open rates. And how changing the “from name” is a sneaky way to increase your opens without changing your subject line.

I didn’t give you any examples of how changing the “from name” to something increased open rates. Because then I’d fall into the same trap these email gurus fall into with “what’s working now.”

Instead, I explained why this leads to better open rates:

We read left-to-right. So on desktop, people see the “from name” before the subject line. (And if you email consistently, your “from name” is worth all the best subject lines in the world weight in gold.)

And the “from name” also appears before the subject line on mobile and last time I checked we read from top to bottom too. Not bottom to top.

This is also why I preach about consistency.

Maybe every email you send won’t flood your bank account with coins. But when you consistently show up in your list’s email inbox, you’re beheading your competitors one email “stab” at a time.

The truth is that not everyone’s ready to buy your stuff right now. But the more you show up, provide them with useful and entertaining anecdotes, it makes them that much more likely to choose you when they are ready.

It’s about human nature — not tips and tricks.

And y’know what?

It’s easy to manipulate many email metrics:

Wanna increase open rates (and piss everyone off on your list)? Add a RE: to the beginning of your email, put a first name tag, and you can even add something wild and clickbaity like “open or die.”

Wanna make more people click and boost your click through rate? Just add some clickbaity pictures and links.

Wanna get a 100% open rate? Just email it to yourself and nobody else.

The last one’s a joke. But not something that would shock me if I heard it in a copywriting course from your favorite guru.

Just something to think about.

Email metrics are overrated. Human psychology is underrated.

The former makes you feel good. The latter makes your bank account feel good.


If you want help making boatloads of guap every time you hit send … while also building a diehard fan base … book a call. If you have a proven offer and a list, let’s chat and see if we can work together.

For everyone else?

I’ll give you a one-time, 50% commission for any referral you send my way.

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