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No, you don’t have writer’s block, cully (me to me, a few hours ago)

True story:

Today, as I sat down at my desk to write an email for a client, the dreaded happened:

Writer’s block hit me at full force!

…or, at least I thought.

What had hap’n’d was:

I needed to write an email about a certain yoga pose to promote an article that shows you how to do it the proper way.

But the article is more of an SEO play. Not to say that the article sucked, just that it lacked any good info I could repurpose for an email (unless I wanted to bore our audience to death, which is something I’m firmly against).

I read the article a few times, and had no plan for the email. I couldn't even write a good subject line, let alone the “meat and potatoes” of the email.

I wrote and deleted and re-wrote the subject line a good 10 times.

I did the same thing with the hook of the email.

I never even got into the “meat” of the email before I realized writer’s block was launching a powerful attack.

But then I remembered something I heard from the great Sean D'Souza, mayhap one of the most underrated marketers of our time.

Years back, I asked Sean about writer’s block.

His response?

Chefs never complain about having “chef’s block.” If they can’t cook something, their problem is a lack of ingredients, not some mystical (and scary) “chef’s block.”

The solution then becomes so obvious it hurts:

Chef gets more ingredients, chef cooks more food.

And so it is with writing.

If you think you have writer’s block, the good news is you don’t: You just lack ingredients.

Back to my story…

When I realized I also lacked ingredients to write a good email, I went to the metaphorical “store” (which I won’t reveal for free, sorry not sorry), picked up some fresh ingredients, and wrote a killer email.

Moral of the story?

Make sure you have enough ingredients to write good copy before you sit down and put pen to paper.

One of my “super powers” as a copywriter is finding these ingredients for good copy in unlikely places.

That’s why I won’t give it away for free. And that’s why I allow you to hire me to work on your email copy, email strategy, and, of course, email revenue.

Interested? Book a call here:


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