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no fires erupted, but…

I’m writing this email after returning from my 13-day vacation.

(It’s the first email I’ve written in 13 days too, cully, so pardon any rust left on me fingers.)

Twas quite an interesting vacation:

* Had multiple flight delays and cancellations (not fun… and rumor has it this past weekend set records with how many flights they delayed or canceled)

* Paid $75 for a 20-minute Uber ride upon landing

* Dealt with a fair share of turbulence on the plane

* Had to cancel 3 meetings I had scheduled for today because I’m still traveling

* On the bright side: avoided a flood by the skin of me teeth (I saw pictures of cars emerged underwater)

And y’know what?

Made it home safe and sound.

Better yet?

No fires erupted with any of my clients. I got oodles of work to do when I get back to my office tomorrow, yes. But no fires.

In fact, I have a bunch of meetings with new potential clients lined up. I got a referral from my #1 favorite client (we’ll see how that goes…). And I had a couple old clients reach out saying they want more work.

Not too shabby, eh?

Here’s the point:

Taking vacations helps you make more money.

No, it doesn’t sound logical. But it works. Like gangbusters.

I’m beat, so I’m leaving this bad boy off here.

Book a discovery call if you need help making oodles more cashola from your emails (so you can take 13-day vacays and come home with an even bigger business).


My schedule’s pretty packed — and I foresee it only filling up more.

So get in while the gettin’s good.

Just one rule:

You must have a *proven* offer and an email list. Capisce?


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