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new book, who dis?

(No, not *my* book…)

Check this out:

I was on a client call last week, and she made an unusual request…

Here’s the story:

One of my clients is a nutritionist, and she’s been trying to write a book for about a year.

I knew she wanted to write a book, but I haven’t been involved in the process at all.

Well, during our call discussing emails, she started revealing how much of a pain in the you-know-what writing a book is.

Luckily, I’m a published author ;)

And I’m also a great writer, especially compared to folks who don’t write all day errrday.

Turns out, she hadn’t written a single word for her book yet.

She’s been sitting on this book idea for over a year—and hasn’t written one word.

I don’t blame her either.

She has a jam-packed schedule most days.

She told me that she’d try to work on it first thing in the morning, but never had time because she had to work out, eat, shower, etc. before client meetings and her day swept her away.

When she tried to write it at night, her motivation tank drained to E, and she’d stream another reality TV show before passing out.

That’s when she told me she wanted me to write her book.

And, yes cully, I agreed.

Moral of the story?

Most people have these book ideas stored in their head, but they can’t put words on a paper. This creates an easy upsell if you’re a writer.

Or if you’ve had a book idea for years, but it’s only a series of blank pages right now, I can help.

(Did I mention I’m a published author?)

Or the lesson that can apply to anyone:

Dan Sullivan’s powerful “who, not how” secret.

If’n you wanna grow your business, you can’t do it yourself.

You have to find the WHO to do the HOW.

Otherwise, you’ll enslave yourself in your business and work for a psychopath, which is, you.

Take email for example:

It’s not much different from writing a book in that way.

Many biz owners understand the value of writing and sending emails to their list.

But they still don’t do it.


They’re too busy.

They’re not confident in their writing abilities.

And they suffer from a wicked form of perfectionism (which is just procrastination in disguise).

That’s another area where I can come in and help big-big.

Best part?

You don’t have to lift a finger or type a single word. Instead, you can just watch the sales keep coming in like clockwork.

But, I will take you through a “rigorous” qualification process. And I don’t accept all new clients who raise their hand wanting my help.

If you want to kickstart this qualification process, reply to this email.

We’ll set up a call. And on the call, we can both decide if we’re a good fit for each other.

So, grab a time here. My client schedule is pretty full right now. And I don’t want you to miss out because there’s a good chance I’m the WHO to your HOW when it comes to email.


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