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Murder is the new chips

There’s a massive psychological lesson in this here email, which you can apply to all your sales and marketing efforts.

Before I whip out my armchair and learn ya up, lemme paint the scene:

Peanut has been listening to True Crime shows out the wazoo recently. And she ain’t the only one… True Crime shows have sunk their mangled little teeth into lady’s earholes everywhere.

True Crime is a nonfiction genre of, well, murder. They make books, films, and podcast episodes. The adaptation to the podcast game is what made the True Crime genre explode in popularity again.

My chick listens to these True Crime podcasts like their chips she’s just snacking on. And so do women everywhere.

In fact, the audience for True Crime shows skew 70% female, and only 30% male.

And here’s where things get weird:

Most of these True Crime shows—remember they’re nonfiction—are about killing females. Sometimes a serial killer gets them. Other times it’s a crazed ex-lover. Only in a small majority of these installments do women actually do the murdering.

And you know what?

Women don’t listen to the installments starring a female killer as much as they listen to the installments where a female gets murdered.

Interesting, ain’t it?

Why do women enjoy listening to stories where other women get murdered so much?

Well, lemme grab my armchair and do some basic psychology:

There are a couple theories I have about why women love the True Crime genre as much as they do.

But a warning: the second theory might offend you.

Theory #1 — They learn how to “spot” a crazed murderer in disguise. And they learn some survival tactics, which may keep them alive if they find themselves in a similar situation.

Theory #2 — They feel a sense of superiority by listening to the shows.

Now, hear me out on theory #2, which, in my humble, and potentially inaccurate opinion, makes more sense:

In each episode, the women who gets murdered makes a fatal mistake, which leads to her demise. And I think True Crime attracts female listeners like honey does bees because the listeners get a slight ego boost when they realize they’re not stupid enough to make a fatal mistake which leads to their death. It also contributes to their sense of safety that they’re not in a situation like the ones they listen to.

Of course, hindsight is 20/20.

But what an interesting psychological quirk.

Anyway, here’s the point:

Everyone on your email list wants to feel a sense of superiority. They crave it. It gives them status (even if only in their own minds).

Status is a crucial ladder step towards the fully actualized self, if you believe that Maslow fella, that is.

The same psychological reason women love True Crime is the same reason men buy expensive sports cars:


Here’s your homework for today:

Brainstorm how your offer can grant your customers more status. Because once you’ve figured that out, you’ve figured out the key to building a ruthlessly loyal and lifelong audience.


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