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mo’ money will (and won’t) buy happiness

True story:

Few months back, I tuned into an episode of New Heights featuring Jason and Travis Kelce, two brothers who are also in the NFL.

Well, they invited another NFL hall of fame legend onto their show in this particular episode: Shannon Sharpe.

Shannon’s had a, quite literally, hall of fame career. And his second career in media—he currently co-hosts Undisputed with Skip and Shannon (where Lil Wayne recorded their theme song) even though Fox Sports has bought Shannon out and he will do something else in his career in the near future—has been almost as impressive as his hall of fame football career.

All that to say this:

Despite Shannon’s incredible success, there’s one lethal mistake he made that still looms over him to this day.

That mistake?

If he could go back in time, he’d find someone he loved to share all his success with.

Y’see Shannon had a few flings here and there throughout the course of his career. I believe he even has a kid or two. But he has no life partner, and no matter how much material success he enjoys, he’ll never feel 100% “full.”

I don’t say this to get all sappy on you, rather to demonstrate this point:

There’s more to life than business and emails.

That said…

Business and emails can sure make your life a whole lot better whether you have someone to spend it with or not.

And so, if’n you need a partner—even just an email partner to man your email marketing ship and steer it towards an island of wealth—book a call here:

And who knows, I might help you generate so much wealth one day through email that you refer to me as the son you never had—as, yes, one of my clients has.


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