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Misery diary from the nacho common cold

I haven’t written an email for myself—usually a daily meditation of sorts for me, plus, it helps unlock the full power of my brain and the full prowess of my typin’ fingers—in 5 long days.

In fact, earlier this week (I’m writing this on a Thursday), I didn’t get much client work done either.


Well, turns out, I got a nasty arse cold.

Worst one I ever remember having. Wouldn't shock me if it were covid, but alas, we’ll never know because I ain’t testing myself.

(Lesson in there)

First, my sinuses went kaput, making me go through several boxes of tissues.. Then, fatigue washed over me like the ocean does the sand. A piercing headache rendered me useless for work. And in between all this, my body temperature was more bipolar than your average Antifa member — I’d fall asleep freezing, and wake up covered in sweat.

‘Twas wasn’t fun. But it makes you appreciate all the time you’re not sick.

Anyway, why am I boring you with my misery story?

Well, sickness can threaten any business owner.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stop making moolah when you’re sick. In fact, by teaming up with a proven email copywriter like yours truly, we can keep your revenue train moving in the right direction — even if you’re sick, traveling, or have an emergency pop up.

Just one of the many benefits of working with an email copywriter.

Wanna see how it works?


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