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million dollar copywriting lesson from water

There’s a popular meme circulating around on social media about water. I believe (and don’t quote me on this) an NBA player first shared the post. And it’s been spreading like wildfire ever since.

While it’s just a silly meme about water… It's also a million dollar copywriting lesson in disguise.

Here’s how the meme goes:


A bottle of water can be .50 cents at a supermarket. $2 at the gym. $3 at the movies and $6 on a plane. Same water. Only thing that changed its value was the place..So the next time your worth is nothing, maybe you’re at the wrong place.

Know Your Worth


Need I add more?

Okay, how about I give you an irl example from the months before I started my freelance copywriting business.

~~~Time travels back to early 2019~~~

When I realized my worth as a copywriter exceeded my salary at my job, I decided I needed to quit and try freelancing. This decision, after 3 years of hindsight, has been one of the best decisions I made in my young life.

But it didn’t start that way:

I worked on the marketing team for a design company. So, I wasn’t sure which niche I should pick to take a stab at freelancing. I had a bunch of ideas — some stoopid and some smart.

Alas, I started with a stoopid niche:

Chiropractors in my local area.

Now, there are a bunch of reasons I thought this niche made sense:

* Chiropractors have a lot of expendable income

* They always need more clients

* They’re not marketers or masters of persuasion (besides a few exceptions)

I thought I struck gold! So I started compiling a list of emails of every chiropractor in my area. This took about a week of mind-numbing “grunt work.” But I had 100 email addresses of chiropractors. So, I loaded them into my cold email software and waited for all the eager replies.


Not a single chiropractor responded.

I didn’t just send them one cold email either. I sent them an entire sequence of 5-7 emails over a 4-6 week period.


Not even a “fvck off.”

Just nothing.

Boy that stung. Especially when I wasn’t “proven” as a cash-generating asset.

But there were a lot of reasons this was a stoopid decision:

* Chiropractors, on average, didn’t even use email, let alone have an email list. (It’s hard selling something—even the best thing on the planet—to a market that doesn’t need what you’re selling.)

* I live in a “poorer” part of Ohio, and the chiropractors I reached out to didn’t practice abundance.

But instead of getting defeated, I decided I needed to attack another industry.

I chose ecommerce companies broadly (and supplement companies narrowly) and the rest is history:

Within a few weeks, I hopped on my first few sales calls, quit my job, and landed my first client.

Same offer. Same cold email sequence. Wildly different results.


If you need help transforming your .50 cents water into $6 bottles with email, book a call here. And let’s see if partnering makes sense.


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