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Medium bans world-class copywriter, Chris Orzechowski (kinda)

Check this out:

One of my favorite modern-day email copywriters is a fella named Chris Orzechowski. Chris owns an email copywriting agency. And he runs a monthly print newsletter, Make It Rain Monthly, which I devour each month.

As such, I’m on this fella’s email list.

And he sent an eye-opening email a few days ago (from the time I’m writing this, not necessarily when you’re reading it).

What happened?

Well, Chris used to post a bunch of his copywriting articles on Medium. Medium can be a decent way for new writers and bloggers to get up and running without building their own website.

But, he hasn’t posted anything on Medium in about 2 years.

Yet that didn’t stop Medium from banning his account.

He had no idea why they banned his account. Apparently, the spam trap algorithms thought his content was spammy (if you believe the words of a corporate behemoth).

Now, what suddenly made his 2+ year old content spammy when it survived the previous 2+ years without a blip?

No idea.

Chris reached out to Medium and asked them to do sum explaining…

And they apologized and reinstated his account. Maybe they realized who he is — it takes a certain level of cajones to run a print newsletter in a world where gurus preach ebooks and funnels.

But that ain’t the point.

The point is this:

You don’t own Medium.

You don’t own social media.

You don’t own your followers.

At any moment, for any reason, these Big Tech Goliaths can drop the ban hammer on you. And you’ll lose all your fans and followers faster than Thanos dusting the Avengers after getting all six Infinity Stones.

The solution?

Build your mf email list.

Because here’s why email beats social media 7 days of the week, and twice on Sundays:

You *own* your email list.

Even if your ESP bans you… you can export your email list and re-import it into another software.

And you can take that to the bank and cash it in.


Need help not only building your email list, but building a raving fan base of customers who gobble up everything you promote?


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