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live from the golf course

While I didn’t physically write this out at the golf course, I kinda did. 

Here’s what I mean:

Yes, I am (probably) golfing now, depending on when you’re reading this email. 

My homie’s getting married in a few months, and I’m celebrating at his bachelor party. 

I’m also traveling next week: Which means, I need to write a metric fvckton of emails quickfast. 

And… I also have to prepare my clients’ businesses so that no fires erupt while I’m gone. (There will be a few days when I have little Wi-Fi, but you don’t wanna have to spend an entire vacation putting out stupid fires that could’ve been avoided with proper preparation.) 

Not to mention… 

While I’m writing this a day before I head out for a weekend of golfing and shenanigans and celebrations—there’s a decent chance I do write an email while on the golf course. 

It’s an easy way to “maximize” your time when you ain’t doing nothing. (Especially if I’m waiting behind mfs to tee off, which is likely). 

And writing emails is fun—especially when I get struck by a good idea (which tends to happen when my brain isn’t too focused on work, and is more focused on play… creativity lesson in there).


Moral of the story? 

There are actually quite a few: 

First, whenever I travel, I tend to come back to a bigger and healthier business. 

Mayhap it’s your turn to help with that? Hit reply, and let’s set up a call for when I’m back. 

Second, nothing “bad” happens to email copywriters. 

Sure, these past few weeks have kinda sucked. I’ve written far more than I typically do in a similar timeframe. But work hard, play hard, as they say. 

(Who tf are “they” anyway? I don’t know, but it sounds cool — another lesson in there.) 

Third, not only does taking vacations make you more productive, but it makes you more creative too. This is especially noticeable because I’ve been staring at my screen much longer than I typically do. 

Fourth, preparation is key not only to making moolah but to enjoying life (and you started a business because you wanna enjoy life more). 

Anad fifth, to hold myself accountable: 

I’m gonna shoot under 90. 

(Okay, this last one might be a stretch… but I did hit a 32 yard birdie chip a few weeks ago, which nobody cares about, but I’m saying it anyway.) 


Hit reply if you need help improving your email revenue. 

We might not be able to set up a call today, but we will. 


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