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Let’s play Would You Rather

I got a game for ya today, cully:

A classic game of Would You Rather, in fact.

Let me set the scene…

Last week, I sent out two emails to my client’s list. Both emails promoted the same exact product. The angles were a little different between the two emails. But there was something wildly different about each of the two emails (which I’ll reveal what that difference was in a bit).

Email #1:

40.72% open rate

1.0% click rate

2.45% click through rate

Email #2:

56.24% open rate

5.96% click rate

10.60% click through rate

So, in a weird dystopian world where you can only send one of these emails, and know some stats behind each of the emails before you hit “send”...

Would you rather send email #1 or email #2?

Well, based on the info I gave you, you’d be wise to pick email #2… except for the fact that choosing email #2 would make you a big, fat dummy.

And herein lies the problem:

When email copywriters boast about their amazing open rates, click rates, or click through rates, you should run the other way.

Because it means they’re hiding something far more important than opens, clicks, and click throughs combined:

Cold, hard cashola.

Y’see, the one detail I didn’t give you is the revenue generated from each of these emails. Once I reveal that, the obvious answer will become apparent, and you’ll feel like a big ol’ silly goose for choosing email #2.

Email #1’s revenue: $5,226.93 from 37 customers

Email #2’s revenue: $2,317.45 from 10 customers

Yes, you read that right…

Email #1, which had a lower percentage of opens and clicks generated 2x as much revenue than email #2 did, and generated 3x as many customers.

Which brings me to the point:

Email #2 went to a fraction of the list that email #1 did. Segmenting makes the vanity metrics (opens, clicks, and click throughs) look great, which is why email software providers (ESPs) like to fap over the idea of vanity metrics.

But the only metric that matters to you, your business, and dare I say, your family is the revenue generated numbers.

Lucky for you, that’s where I excel. Hit reply if you wanna “borrow” my expertise to help your revenue reach new heights.

Otherwise, I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.

Congrats to everyone who picked email #1 over email #2 because you figured I had a trick up my sleeve.


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