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In case you needed more reassurance that open rates don’t matter

Yesterday, I told you about the two-email campaign that generated a humble $18,502.03 in revenue for my client. 

Party because of our incredible offer. 

Partly because of our incredible list that I’ve been sending regularly too for well over four years now. Consistency pays. 

And yes, partly because of my incredible copy. 

Today, I wanna milk this cow til it bleeds. 

But with a dyfferent angle: 

I often preach that open rates do not, in fact, matter. 

And I got a little dose of more proof of this for ya. 

The first email I sent in this two-email campaign (more emails and texts are currently going out btw… I’m also milking that cow til it bleeds) generated $10,521.43. 

The second email did $8,387.63. 

(Hey, that adds up to 18,909.06! Looks like a few more sales rolled in since writing yesterday’s email, which was about a few hours ago in real time.) 

Can you guess which email had the higher open and click rate? 

If you guessed the second, you’d be correctomundo. 

Here’s the dollop of proof:

Now, there’s a very good (and admittedly simple) reason why the first email had almost half the open rate percentage, but made more revenue. 

The reason? 

I sent it to more people on our list, including some of the less engaged segments. 

(Turns out, segmentation is largely overrated too, not saying it ain’t important, just that it’s overrated.) 


Want to see results like these in your ESP? 

Hit reply, and let’s chat. 


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