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In case you needed another reason to avoid web design companies

Quick little update wrapped in a few-day long cautionary tale about web design companies: 

We’re officially 5 days past when Gmail and Yahoo changed the world of email marketing. 

(Surprisingly, I have gotten about the same exact number of spam messages when I compare my inbox to before this update… so it seems the DNS Settings Disaster went the way most ultra-corporate things do: Lip service at best, and a frustrating situation for innocent business owners at worst.) 

And I finally got the news today, 5 days after this change was implemented, that one of my clients finally got the green light to send emails. 


You’re probably wondering why it took so long, especially since I started getting the ball rolling on updating DNS settings for my client well over a week ago (and it takes 5 minutes tops to actually do the work… which coincidentally makes me laugh when I saw a bunch of wannabe gurus trying to offer this as a “service” to new and old clients, charging upwards of $1,000 for the pleasure, but hey, do what you gotta do in that short-term focused gray matter of yours). 

The reason? 

Well, you’ll never guess it had to do with the web design agency. 

After telling my client that we wouldn't be able to send emails until configuring these DNS records, she emailed her web designer and asked if he could do it. Or at the least, add me to Cloudflare so I could do it.

His response? 

He told me that I should’ve submitted a ticket to his web design agency if I wanted this done. 

(I didn’t even know this was a possible solution)

But, since he was such a nice guy, he submitted the ticket for me on my behalf!

(Wow, copying and pasting must be hard!) 

After submitting the ticket, it STILL took nearly 24 hours. 

And guess what?

He didn’t update the DNS records on my behalf. He just gave me access to Cloudflare. Even after I submitted a ticket!

(Man, I see why my client is quick to get rid of these jabronis as soon as possible.) 

But I got the access I needed, and added the DNS records in about 5 minutes. 

Nothing like outsourcing to a web design agency to turn 5 minutes of work into 7+ days. 


And you know what? 

I see this happening to innocent business owners all the time. 

But there is a solution, a rather simple solution at that:

Hit reply, and let’s chat. 

Not only will I design an email marketing strategy for you, but I’ll also implement said strategy. And you can watch the money roll in without so much as even lifting a finger. 


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