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If you’re gonna take drugs, take this one

My girl and I are heading up to Allegheny today for a camping trip.

And right on cue, I saw a tweet about how nature is the most potent drug for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Hard to disagree.

In fact, lemme get a lil science-y on ya and tell you some of the unbelievable, scientifically-backed benefits of choosing nature as your drug of choice.

According to this report (I just saw a screenshot on Twitter), spending time in nature lowers…


* Anxiety disorders

* Cancer

* Cardiovascular disease

* Depression

* Diabetes

* Migraines

* Musculoskeletal complaints

* Obesity

* Respiratory disease

* Vertigo

* And allergies, asthma, and eczema

This same drug also promotes a healthier birth weight, sleep regimen, social ties, and helps your body heal. It even boosts your immune system.

It’s that powerful, cully.

And there’s one benefit this scientific report didn’t list, but I’ve proven in my own life:

Spending time in nature prevents burnout.

I like spending time in nature as much as I can. Whether that means walking my chihuahua, hiking through gawgus scenery, relaxing on the beach, or going camping (fires are also deeply restoring and refreshing in ways that are hard to describe).

Despite our big brains, humans are just stupid animals, bro.

And animals need nature. Like how dogs and cats lie in any random spot of sun shining in through your windows.

Spend time in nature. It’s the best drug you can do. And like Drake said:

Thank me later.

Need help making more money in your business, so you can enjoy more guilt-free trips in nature?


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