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“I wish I could work from home”

Humbling story for ya today:

I’m writing this from Austin, TX. Peanut and I are staying with our friends. And it’s one of my first “vacations” where I plan on working a somewhat regular schedule.

Yesterday, I woke up earlier than normal to get a headstart on my day. That way, Peanut and I could hit up this boujee raw oyster bar for lunch.

Well, as I was tapping away at my keyboard early yesterday morning, I overheard my friend say to his girlfriend, “I wish I could work from home like John. I should be able to, it’s so stupid.”


In fact, this dude worked from home for the entire pandemic and nothing bad happened. But he’s an accountant, which means he’s trapped into the corporate, old-school mindsets that demand you be in your cubicle before 9 am and stay until at least 5 pm.

I bring this up for a couple reasons:

1. Realize how good you have it if your job doesn’t require you to be in a given location. Besides a few days five years ago, I’ve never worked in an office. And sometimes, it’s easy to forget how good you have it.

2. If you’re hiring… allowing your teammates to work from home gives you a competitive advantage (even if your competitors offer bigger salaries).

Check this out:

I’ve worked on and listened to a bunch of business podcasts where some Gen Xer talks about attracting millennials to work for them. And you know what? Millennials care less about pay than any generation before them. They value freedom more than a high salary. You can use this to your advantage.

That’s part of the reason I started this business. I valued my freedom more than I valued my salary at my old gig. But within a few months of quitting, I not only created more freedom in my life, but I doubled my income too.

Which brings me to the rub:

If you have a business, you started it for the freedom you could enjoy. Yes, the money is a nice bonus, but it doesn’t compare to your freedom.

But many entrepreneurs enslave themselves to their business.

If that sounds like you, I have good news:

When we partner together and I take over your email, yes, I’ll help you generate more moolah every month. But the real benefit of working together? You get your freedom back.

In fact, since we started working together, one of my clients has…

* Paid off all his credit card debt

* Hired 3 customer service team members and a bunch of help in the shipping and fulfillment department

* Traveled more than ever before (including visiting his daughter to meet his newborn grandson)

* Outsourced advertising to an agency

* More than tripled his income

…in less than 3 years together. I remember quoting my monthly fee to him like it was yesterday. He scoffed because it was outlandishly high. But he was desperate to save his business from the brink of bankruptcy, so he committed. Now, he happily pays me more than 3x more than my original quote.

And you know what?

I still have a few spots open on my client roster, if’n you wanna experience a similar trajectory as he did.

If you wanna explore this opportunity together, book a quick Discovery Call here. And if we’re a good fit, you’re gonna have so much freedom ahead that you won’t know what to do with it.


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