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“I’m talking about branding bro”

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is mayhap my all-time favorite sitcom. They’re about halfway through Season 16… and it’s one of my favorite seasons out of the newer ones.

Before we get into the main topic of today’s email, lemme tell you why:

The gang started a podcast about 12-18 months ago where they go back and rewatch each episode. This has sparked their creative fuel for Season 16 in ways that have been lacking from some of the previous seasons. They’re getting back to their roots, and I’m laughing my arse off along the way.

Moral of the story?

Sometimes the best motivation, creative fuel, and, yes “swipe-worthy” content comes from yourself.

Many such cases of how to apply this to a business or email strategy too.

Alright, onward!

Today’s email is about Episode 5 of the 16th season of Sunny.

The show starts with the gang watching a commercial of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul—from Breaking Bad, but the gang keeps referring to them as Malcolm’s dad and Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle—shilling a new brand of tequila they own…

…and this gives the gang an idea:

People will buy anything if you slap a celebrity on it.

So, they want to create their own alcohol blend, then kidnap Bryan and Aaron to force them to slap their name on it.

Pretty simple idea.

But here’s where it gets complicated…

In typical fashion, the gang can’t commit to a strategy. Dennis commits to the plan he created of celebrity booze. Mac wants to use the alcohol as a launch pad for starting a lifestyle brand where he sells suits (as he wears Michael Jordan’s earring and suit style from the 90s). And Charlie, well Charlie decides to eat and drink a bunch of nickels…


As Dennis and Mac wait in line at the meet and greet for Bryan and Aaron, Mac keeps trying to convince Dennis of his lifestyle brand idea. Dennis hates the idea, and wants to stick with the original plan (even though everyone compliments Mac’s style and suit while an uncharacteristic wave of low self-esteem attacks Dennis).

At one point, Mac says to Dennis:

“I’m talking about branding bro”

Because, according to Mac as well as other real life entrepreneurs, the brand is how you make the moolah.

Wherein lies today’s lesson:

The episode is a goofy example of something that haunts many and many-a entrepreneur, whispers sweet nothings into their ear, and tries to sabotage their business:

Shiny Object Syndrome.

Does having a personal brand or a lifestyle brand help your business make more money?

Yes. And no.

Y’see, many biz owners jump into something like this as a way to diversify themselves and make more money. But it usually comes with a steep cost: Sacrificing your main thing.

Often, these machinations are a distraction to your main source of income. And they actually threaten—in a subtle way at first, then in an obvious way—your business.

Many such cases of entrepreneurs I’ve worked for or worked with made this mistake.

And I get it:

A lifestyle brand is sexier. It seems easier: All you gotta do is travel around and do cool things. And it seems more profitable.

But 9 times outta 10, these plans siphon money from the main business and don’t bring in much cheddar cheese compared to the investment.

Lots of lessons embedded in here for those of you wise enough to see them.


The best way to prevent the vicious Shiny Object Syndrome ambush is by making so much money in your main business that you’re not duped into the lies of Shiny Object Syndrome.

And the best way to scale your business and your freedom is by working with an email killer like moi.

Wanna see how it works?


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