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I’m leaving for vacation today

Been excited about this for a while.

At the time I’m writing this (not necessarily when you’re reading it)...

My girlfriend and I are driving down the highway for a week-long camping trip in the wilderness.

Then, we’re hopping on a flight and heading down to Myrtle Beach for a week with her family.

I’m gonna completely disconnect from the world and my business.

I’ve spent the past couple weeks working much longer than I normally do. I want to get ahead as much as possible, so I can do as little work as possible while on vacation.

Which brings me to the point:

If you have a business, you need to practice the freedom you have.

I get it. Sometimes it can be hard to realize how free you are.

I didn’t take a vacation for the first year or so of starting my business.

But since then?

I’ve “abused” my freedom.

Here’s what I mean:

When you have a vacation planned, your mind goes apeshyt about how everything could go wrong. Anxious worries consume your mental space, which is terrible for creativity btw.

You have visions of all your clients kicking you to the street.

But y’know what?

They never happen.

Your clients don’t mind one bit.

In fact, your best clients will encourage you to go.

They understand that taking time away from everything reduces burnout. Makes you more productive. Reignites your motivation. And leads to better, more profitable results for them.

But you gotta make it a point to practice freedom.

Otherwise, you’ll let your business consume it.

And at that point, why wouldn't you go get a J-O-B?

The more you practice your freedom, the easier it becomes.

(Not to mention, it’s like your productivity snorts methamphetamines the weeks leading up to vacation because you get twice—sometimes three times—as much work done than you typically would.)

I’ll leave you with this:

If you need an email copywriter to help grow your business by 30%, 40%, or even 69%... hit reply.

But my client schedule fills up a little bit more with each passing day, so book a call today.

Last point before I wrap up:

I’ve made more money each time I’ve traveled or gone on a vacation.

Funny how that works innit?


P.S. Yes, I’ll still be doing some work on vacation. But only when I want. Crucial difference there.

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