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“I loathe reading your letters”

Funny story today:

One of my clients forwarded me an email from a customer. This dude hopped on his soapbox and told us how much he loathed reading our emails. (Emphasis his.)


Because he wanted us to write in big walls of text.

Kinda like this:

He told us that humans have *evolved* to read in long blocks of text. And that using double spaces (you mean a paragraph break, sir?) was akin to slaying a mystical dragon. But here’s the funny part: He told us that we weren’t making sales from our emails (we do — in fact, I’ve written emails for this client that cleared $50k in revenue). But wait, the story gets even better: When I went to look into his customer record, dude hasn’t bought anything in years. So, not only does he offer his glorious unsolicited advice, but dude is barely even a customer. Yet, he thinks we should follow his advice, and make all our paragraphs like this one because he just *knows* we’d make more sales by writing massive, back-to-back, impossible-to-read walls of text.


Now, he has a point, well, kinda:

You don’t need a new paragraph line after every sentence. That’s overkill.

But so is his unsolicited advice — see massive wall of text example above.

Here’s why I bring it up:

You're always gonna have haters. And these haters always feel the need to give you their two cents — but their two cents was meaningless even before inflation turned two cents into 0.000002 cents.

Don’t listen to ‘em.

I have no idea who this guy is. But I know he’s not a copywriter — us copywriters know the value of flow and chopping up our copy, so it doesn’t intimate mfs. And I have my doubts this dude had any career in the writing profession.

And, if he saw the numbers our emails do… well, I bet he still would’ve come at us sideways because he was seeking attention.

Another important lesson:

The people who criticize your emails are never—and I mean never—your ideal customer or even a customer at all.

So, just ignore it.

Admittedly, it ain’t as easy as it sounds. But it’s crucial.

And one last point:

Emails aren’t books. Yes, walls of text read better on physical paper. But it’s overkill for your eyes to read massive walls of text on a screen.

Anyway, be aware of this as you start sending more emails.

There are a lot of losers out there desperate for any kind of attention.


If you wanna receive angry hate mail from your emails…

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