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“I legit wrote the best copy of my life”

In comes a testimonial from a fine lad who not only read my book, but implemented the wisdom I spew inside its walls.


And act two:

Glad I could help, Nick.

And y’know what?

You have access to the same exact book that helped Nick write the best copy of his life.

Why aren’t you using it?

I have one theory:

There’s one main difference between the free PDF book I “bribe” you with to join this email list

And the book Nick’s holding in his hands…

Nick has a physical copy.

Which is at least a bajillion times better than a PDF copy, in my biased, but oh-so-true opinion.

Lemme admit something:

I have a countless number of copywriting PDFs on my computer.

I paid for some and some were free.

Some were from other email copywriters and others were from legit A-listers.

But y’know what?

With a few exceptions…

I never implemented as much wisdom from a PDF clogging up hard drive than I have from a real, physical book.

Heck, I’ve even implemented lessons I’ve learnt from fiction books more than a PDF on my computer.

And methinks you’ll have the same results.

That’s why I urge you to buy a physical copy of my book (if’n you ain’t broke).

You can grab it here:

Or you can scroll through a huge mess of files on your computer and read it for free.

Your choice.

But in my experience (and Nick’s)?

You’ll get more out of a physical copy.



P.S. If you’ve read my book, and it’s helped you even one iota, it’d mean the world to me if you left me a review on Amazon.

Thanks in advance, mf ;)

Here’s the link again:

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