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i guess its mo money mo problems, huh?

The funny thing about growing your business is revealing all the growing pains you otherwise would’ve missed.

Stupid inefficiencies that you didn’t realize until you had to.

Humiliating mistakes that make you cringe.

Inane processes and systems which create more work than it solves.

The list goes on.

I’ve felt this within my own business—several times, do it please ya—and I’ve watched it happen in my clients’ businesses.

But I’ll use my biz as an example:

My business keeps growing. 2022 has been my best year to date—just as 2021, 2020, and 2019 have been before it.

But this year in particular—at the time I’m writing this…

(Hi from the autoresponder)

—consistent growth morphed into wildfire growth.

Which keeps my piggy bank nice and full. But it’s caused quite a ruckus in terms of problems.

I’m encountering new problems. Bigger problems. More urgent problems. And, yes, problems which require better solutions.

For example:

One of my clients does the majority of their business on Amazon. They have a decently sized email list. But the vast majority of their business comes from Amazon.

And, well, praise be to Jeff Bezos, Amazon doesn't like you poaching “their” customers.

We recently had a massive product launch. We landed at the #2 spot on Amazon’s organic search for a competitive keyword.

But we don’t have any reviews yet, which could boost up to the #1 spot and unlock a myriad of new customers. And, praise be to Jeff Bezos, Amazon doesn’t like you poaching “their” customers or even asking “their” customers to review your Amazon products. (Mayhap they’ll be “their” products—as in Jeff Bezos’s products—soon.)

Which has caused quite a “weird” kinda problem I’ve never had to deal with before.

Yesterday, for example, I spent an hour “after hours” brainstorming different online and offline strategies for them.

(Side note: I doubt many freelancers or agencies do this. This is the value of working with someone who cares about you, your business, and your success.)

Besides a few one-off sales letters, I haven’t worked in the “offline” copywriting space. But I hear it’s much much much cheaper than when the Gary Halberts of the world walked the Earth.

Another client’s doing a massive transfer off an email platform that rivals Infusionsoft when it comes to incompetence in favor of a better solution. Now, I’ve dealt with this before, but never quite on the scale it is now.

I promised I’d talk about my personal business too:

I’m having less and less time to work on any lead gen activities. I already work with an agency, yes. But I’m currently in the middle of creating a “Positioning And Magnetizing” machine, which will boost my positioning—allowing me to charge more—and magnetizing clients to me instead of almost solely relying on cold email.

Moral of the story?

Mo money, mo problems.

But also:

Mo problems, mo money.

At the end of the day—whether you offer a service, a product, a course, whatever—you’re in the business of solving problems.

As such, the quickest way to grow your income, impact, and influence is by solving bigger problems.

And you can’t solve bigger problems if you don’t have bigger problems.

Here’s another thing to chew on:

Whatever got your business to where it is now will never get your business to where you wanna go.

When I started my business in October 2019, I didn’t spend a single cent on lead gen. I would be out of business if that were the case now.

Many such examples.

And y’know what?

There’s probably an example of this happening in your business as you read this.

Here’s why I bring it up:

Whether email marketing was never a part of your strategy, or it was and underperformed, here’s your sign…

You joined this email list for a reason.

You read each email I send for a reason.

You think about hitting reply to one of these daily-ish emails almost every day for a reason.

The reason your subconscious mind is trying to will you to reply?

Because you know this on a visceral level.

You believe I can unlock the freedom, revenue, and growth I speak about in these emails.

And one day, mayhap not today, mayhap not tomorrow, you’ll hit reply.

But by that time it could be too late.

No fake scarcity here. I simply mean my client roster fills up more the more you put this off.

So do yourself, your bidness, and your family a favor, and hit reply today.

Get a headstart.

Snuff out your competitors.

And enjoy newfound levels of freedom and wealth through email.

It’s up to you now, cully. I’ve done my work here.



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