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I got a bone to pick with John Brandt

Apparently, there’s another John Brandt lurking around in the digital world…

But instead of being one of the world’s best email copywriters, this John Brandt designs acoustic rooms.

Here’s how I even know he exists — and why I’m telling you as unusual of a story as this one:

One of my “secret ninja” research hacks for finding compelling copy angles is this forgotten aapp called “F5 Bot.”

Here’s the gist of the F5 Bot:

You can enter certain keywords into your F5 Bot, and the F5 Bot will email you whenever your keywords pop up across Reddit and other forums of the world.

So, for example, if you’re writing a sales letter or an email for a knee pain supplement, you can enter the keyword “knee pain” into your F5 Bot, and it’ll let you know whenever someone uses “knee pain” on Reddit (or a few other forums it monitors).

Pretty nifty tool. And it’s free.

Not sure if it’s better than the ol’ Google machine, but it has helped me find new angles for different clients.

Anyway, as I’m sure you can guess, a humble soul like me decided to type in my name as a keyword. And I get emailed a few times a week from my F5 Bot saying “John Brandt” was mentioned in XYZ thread on Reddit.

I always think, “Oh, are more people finally catching on to my prowess as a copywriter that they’re talking about me on Reddit?”

Until I do some digging — and realize:

I’m being catfished by John Brandt!

Every time I open it up, it’s in some sound acoustics thread and mfs are hyping the other John Brandt up for his brilliance in designing rooms with beautiful acoustics.

(Guess brilliance just runs in the name right?)

Anyway, moral of the story?

I’m not sure there is one. It just seemed like a fun email to write — especially the “I got catfished by John Brandt” line, which gave me a hearty chuckle.

If I had to pull a “lesson” outta my arse, I’d say two things:

1. The F5 Bot may be helpful for your business.

2. People don’t have to know you in order for you to make money online.

Lemme float on this last point for a second:

I’ve signed up for F5 Bot years and years ago. Never once has the John Brandt mentioned on Reddit been me. Alas, I’ve managed to make a decent chunk of change for myself and my clients.

And you know what?

You can too.

If, and only if, you put yourself out there.

Alright, that’s enough for today.

Grab a time here if you wanna make more money for your brand through email (even if mfs on Reddit don’t know who you are).

John Brandt

(the real one)

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