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I got 99 problems but email ain’t one

For those keeping track:

This is my 99th daily email in a row. (Sign up here if'n you dare.... muahahahaha)

So I’m gonna take it easy on myself and show you what some mfs have said about me, my emails, and my book.

Tomorrow, I’ll reveal how these lil 100 emails changed my business in ways I never would’ve imagined.

But today, we’re taking it easy.

Okay, let’s dive in…

First couple come way of Kole from Twitter:

Then Lee chimes in with:

Let’s head back to Twitter and see what Joe says my methods:

And last but not least, this fresh 5-star Amazon review for my book:

(Psst: y’know you can leave me a 5-star review too and live in infamy in one of my emails.)

*** hem-hem hold on, let me stop patting myself on the back here ***

Whew, okay we’re back.

Thanks for the kind words (even the folks I didn’t include here).

Alright, enough humblebragging.

Let’s get down to bidness:

Want people saying nice things about you and your brand like they did to me (while making your wallet so fat it lands a job as a Minister of Health)?

(But only if you have a proven offer and email list, otherwise I can’t help much.)


P.S. Remember to tune in tomorrow — I’m revealing how 100 daily emails changed my business. Should be a treat.

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