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I… feel… ATTACKED!

Imagine being me:

You’re sitting here at my desk, working on your second cup of coffee, and completely minding your own business.

You’ve written a few emails already for clients this morning. As well as ironed out some of the details on the Freelancer Course you’re quietly (or not-so-quietly) working on.

After taking another glorious sip of jo, with a 6 mg Zyn in your lip, you decide to look at your emails…

And see perhaps the best (and funniest) offer you’ve seen all year.

This was me, mere minutes ago. In fact, the offer was so good (and funny, don’t forget funny) that I scraped my email idea for the day to focus this email you’re currently reading onto this offer.

This is me. Whoa.

Okay, enough build up…

Here’s the offer I seen in my inbox this morning:

‘Twas an innocent-looking email from The Babylon Bee, everyone’s favorite real fake news site.

I opened said innocent-looking email, and it ATTACKED me, and specifically ATTACKED my gender.

The subject line was simple: Are You a Man or a Woman? We Have a Guide to Help You Find Out!

The email was also simple: It was a simple image asking you to pre-order their new book.

Yes, The Babylon Bee is releasing a book.

And the book is also simple… or maybe it’s the most complex thing ever? I don’t know, you decide:

The book title?

The Babylon Bee Guide to Gender: The Comprehensive Handbook to Men, Women, and Millions of New Genders We Just Made Up!

I… feel… ATTACKED!

The book slangs for $20 on Amazon. It’s currently sitting at the #1 Best Seller spot (for Religious Humor). And I’m jelly.

I wish I would’ve thought of this.

But alas, I didn’t.

Anywho, what’s the point of this email?

Well, I’m actually about to make a salient point, believe it or not:

Turns out, this ain’t The Babylon Bee’s first rodeo. They have several books on Amazon, all of which look like best sellers (at least compared to how many reviews they’ve garnered).

And, believe it or not, the real fake news company gives us a crucial insight into copywriting and marketing:

Know. Thy.


The Babylon Bee knows their audience so well that they knew this book would crush it.

They could break all the copywriting “rules,” and all the email “rules,” and in my opinion, they’ve broken some of the email rules. But it doesn’t matter because they know their audience like the back of their real, fake hands.

Figure out how to do this in your business, and well, all the oysters in the world could be yours.

Want to support real fake news? Pre-order a copy of their book here:

Want to get back at them for having the NERVE to misgender me? Hit reply, and let’s chat about turning zany emails like this one into cold, hard cash.


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