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how you’ll die early in business

“If the blacksmith had fulfilled his commission, all would be well. If not, I would improvise. A gunslinger who can’t do that dies early.”

— Roland of Gilead, The Wind Through The Keyhole

As a business owner, your ability to improvise is one of the most important traits you can hone.

It serves you when finding leads.

It serves you on sales calls.

It serves you when fulfilling your promises to clients and customers.

In fact, if you can’t improvise, you’re guaranteed to have an early death in business.

In my freelance copy business, I improvise almost all day.

And you know what?

Maybe it helped that I’m a musician. There are plenty of other former musicians turned copywriters. And, if you play music with other people (outside of a school setting… orchestra and band classes don’t count, cully), improvising is crucial.

So it is in business.

But how do you get better at improvising?



Quick story:

I blew my first ever sales call.

I DM’d this massive keto influencer with a 12-pack on Instagram.

He responded and we set up a call.

He had a bunch of cool keto products — and I know I could’ve helped him (even though I wasn’t half the email copywriter I am today).

But I humiliated myself on the sales call.

He sniffed out that I didn’t have one client at the time. (He probably guessed he was the first person I hopped on a call too.)

But you know what?

I closed my next client.

Which brings me to the rub:

You’re gonna fail.

But here’s a counterintuitive insight:

The more you fail, the closer you are to success.

So fail and fail often.

Practice improvising.

Get reps under your belt.

And soon enough, you’ll look back and laugh at all your humiliating mistakes.


Wanna stop making humiliating mistakes in your email campaigns — and laugh to the bank while you do?

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