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How working too hard minimizes your value

I have a quick, yet sobering story for you about my grandmother.

She’s the woman responsible for teaching a 5-year-old me how to use a computer, back in the dial up days and when nobody knew what the internet was. With few exceptions, they had no idea what the internet would blossom into being.

Anyway, a few years before I started school, my grandma became the computer teacher at the local elementary school. Everyone loved her, students and teachers alike.

But here’s the problem:

She never got recognized for her work ethic, dedication, and commitment. In fact, this email I’m currently writing is the most recognition she got for all the hard work she put in at the local elementary school.

She went above and beyond the typical call of duty whenever possible, doing things like:

* Showing up early and staying at least 2 hours late damn near every day

* Assisting with after school activities from babysitting little kids to working with Market Day to deliver cheaper foods to parents

* Mentoring kids who showed an interest in computers

And the list goes on.

But worse than never getting recognized, she also never got paid more. Y’see, my grandma never got her degree, she wasn’t technically considered a “teacher,” so she made less than a teacher’s salary. Her hard work and overtime never got compensated.

And you know what?

I found myself in a similar position when I took my first “big boy” job after dropping out of college. I showed up early, stayed late, and didn’t get recognized for me efforts.

Moral of the story?

Working for someone else—even when it’s someone you like—almost always puts you in a position to get taken advantage of. It’s usually not malicious. But it still happens.

But you know what?

When you have your own business, you have complete control over how much—and how little—you earn.

It ain’t always the easiest way to make money. In fact, it’s one of the hardest ways to make money when you’re starting out. But boy oh boy is it worth it in the long run.

Ponder that as you go about your day. And if you need some help extracting more revenue from your emails and growing your business easier, book a call here, and let’s see if working together makes sense.


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