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How to write 10 emails in a day

“Money is attracted to speed.”

— every copywriter ever

While this phrase has become a platitude, platitudes, as corny as some of them can be, exist for a reason.

And this one is no different.

I’m leaving for a camping trip tomorrow (at the time of me writing this, not at the time of you reading this).

And that means, I have a whole buncha emails to write today:

I need to write 4 emails to this list.

3 emails for a new client’s “welcome” series. (I put “welcome” in quotes for a reason. Mayhap I’ll explain some day.)

A couple of podcast emails for my clients who do podcasts. (Which, by the way, since I work as a Copy Chief at one of the biggest podcast production companies, you can’t find a better podcast show notes writer than yours truly.)

A few more emails for another client who’s promoting an online event in a month or so.

And I’m probably missing a few others, which means I may need to write even more than 10 emails a day. Not to mention, I also have to add a few emails into my clients’ email software and schedule them.

Now, 10 emails in a day sounds impossible for most people.

Because, for most people, it is.

Luckily, I ain't most people.

In fact, I already have almost 2 emails written in under 30 minutes.

If I keep this pace up, it will only take me 2 and a half hours to bang out 10 emails.

Best part?

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these emails are gonna convert like crazy.

So, how can I quickly and consistently bang out email copy like the world depended on it?

Well, you might not like the answer, but the answer I shall give you anyway…


Yes, practice.

Let’s see:

If I’m counting my emails correctly, this is the 428th email I’ve written for “myself.”

I write almost every day. Yes, I’ve had some days where I skipped out on them. But writing one email is basically a daily meditation for me.

Now, think out loud about all the client emails I’ve written:

The average number of emails I write for clients each month probably sits at around 12-15 per client. Some clients get more. Some get less.

Since I’m writing this email in August, I’m 2 months away from my 4-year anniversary of starting my own copy bidness.

Just doing some quick maths…

I write about 720 emails per year, give or take. (I don’t keep exact counts of my client list, and sometimes it sways and moves like the wind does the trees.)

Which means, in the 46 months of starting this bidness, I’ve written 2,880 emails. Adding the 428 I’ve written for non-clients (aka myself), and the number goes past 3,000.

Of course I can write emails faster than most people.

I’ve written 3,000+ in the past four years.

(And I’m not even mentioning all the emails I wrote before I started my business.)

Moral of the story?

Practicing is how you get both fast and good at writing emails.

Which is unfortunate because most people don’t have 46 months to hone their craft.

But it ain’t all bad:

By hitting reply, you can shortcut this 46 month learning curve—if we both think we’re a good fit for each other.

So, hit reply right this mf second… and let’s see what happens.


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