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How to turn 90 minutes into $17,821.11

Couple of weeks ago, my client interviewed one of his suppliers on his podcast. Since he works with a lot of product suppliers, this isn’t out of the ordinary.

What was out of the ordinary though was turning a 90 minute interview into $17,821.11. Usually the only kind of interview emails that make this much revenue is for new products because I prescribe my product launch formula to them.

Well, this interview was different. The supplier has 5 different products that we sell, and we’ve had each of these products in our store for at least a year. So, the classic product launch formula wouldn't cut it here.

But y’know what I did?

Since the interview was longer than normal (typically interviews are under an hour), I decided to chop the interview up into 5 different segments in the emails.

When I listened to the interview, I came up with 37 interesting and persuasive bullets. So I grouped the bullets into 5 different segments, and sent 5 emails over the course of 5 days.

The result?

Well, I’ve already said it:

$17,821.11 in revenue.

Best part?

I didn’t actually edit the video into 5 different segments. Instead, I just told our audience the time stamps for tuning in and tuning out, as well as when to hear an individual bullet I wrote.

Not only did this give us 5 fresh emails promoting the same piece of content, but it also gave us 5 new emails that hyper-focused on one of our supplier’s products.

And it also enabled me to share interesting stories, case studies, and before and after pictures—in true product launch style—without actually needing to launch a product.

Many lessons embedded into this short-ish email.


Need help making more money from every email you send, and every piece of content you put out?

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