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How to surpass your highest biz month with email alone

Check out this case study:

Couple weeks back, I included a screenshot of a text from my (new) client who couldn’t contain his excitement that my emails crushed his highest sales records.

I wasn’t as shocked as he was. But this ain’t my first rodeo.

Anyway, here’s a little update on how his business is going:

Let’s rewind the clocks back to February. This is what I saw in his Klaviyo account:

$2,651 in total revenue

$180 from Klaviyo (7% of revenue)

Those ain’t numbers to write home about. But I’ve seen worse.

We started working together in March. And I had to set up a lot of basic automations before running any campaigns.

Here’s what I saw in his Klaviyo account in March:

$2,807 in total revenue

$758 from Klaviyo (27%) ($505 flows - 18% & $253 campaigns - 9%)


We increased his revenue from Klaviyo by 20%, not too shabby. But this only resulted in an extra $200 in total revenue. AKA lots of room for improvement.

Things got a little weird in April though…

Check this out:

$2,569 in total revenue

$451 from Klaviyo (18%) ($157 flows - 6% & $294 campaigns - 11%)

Another “down” month. Total revenue and revenue from Klaviyo dropped, except campaign revenue (which was slightly higher than it was in March).

Here’s what happened:

In April, we were gearing up for our biggest sale of the year. Also, we had fewer leads coming in (which resulted in a much lower revenue from Klaviyo flows number).

But May’s where the magic happened….

And to be clear: I’m writing this and loading it into the autoresponder I use on May 18th. There’s a good chance the numbers will be higher by the time you read this.

Here’s what I saw in Klaviyo on May 3rd (when he sent me that text I referred to earlier):

$2,820 in total revenue

$1,681 from Klaviyo (60%) ($225 flows - 8% & $1456 campaigns - 52%)

Our flows already beat out April’s numbers in the first 3 days.

As for the elephant in the room:

$1,456 revenue from campaigns — and 60% of revenue from Klaviyo!


Imagine if you could make an extra 60% of your current revenue just from sending better emails.

And the best part?

This happened within the first 3 days of the month!

Not to mention, even though the $2,820 in total revenue isn’t super high, it still beats any other month he’s had in business—in just 3 days!

And it only gets better, cully.

As of May 18th (today), here’s what Klaviyo shows me:

$6,294 in total revenue

$3,545 from Klaviyo (56%) ($990 flows - 16% & campaigns $2,555 - 41%)

Takeaways here:

1. The campaigns I sent by May 18th already crushed his highest months in business by themselves.

2. The flows I created skyrocketed too (thanks to a trig lil trick I used, which I’ll reveal tomorrow).

3. $6,294 in total revenue is 123.191% higher than his previous best month.

He more than doubled his best month ever!

Here’s why I bring it up:

If you’ve been on the fence about whether my emails work, this is all the proof you need.

So if you’re ready and have a proven offer and a list, book a call here. And let’s do the same in your business.

And if you're already making more money in your business, this will only add more jet fuel to your bottom line. Remember: copywriting is a multiplier.


P.S. Tomorrow, I’m gonna reveal the “sneaky” welcome series trick I used to increase our revenue from flows from $250 per month to $990 per month (with just shy of two weeks remaining in the month).

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