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How to “squeeze” 8 different emails from one story

One of the hardest things to do as an email copywriter is coming up with different stories to give you another email idea, angle, or hook. Often, you’re repeating the same points over and over and over again. And while repetition is good—it’s how you drill certain ideas into your audience’s mind—it’s also not the height of creative copywriting.

But one of my superpowers (if’n you’d call it that) is squeezing as much juice from a single story as possible.

Case in point:

The gig I recently played.

A few days ago, I mentioned in passing how I milked that gig into as many emails as possible.

Well today, I opened up my handy Google Docs where I draft up all the emails I send you, did a little CMD-F search (which is, by far, the most useful tool anyone who uses a computer daily can learn), and searched “gig.”

And you know what?

I’ve written 7 emails about an aspect from this one story. 8 if you count this one. And perhaps more where I alluded to the gig, but didn’t actually type gig.

And that, my friend, is how you become a dominant email copywriter.

Figure out how to apply this to your life and your business, and you’ll never run out of email ideas.

I’m not the only one who does this either.

After being on Ben Settle’s list for 5+ years (and probably closer to 7+ years, but I’m lazy and don’t wanna search through hundreds of thousands of emails), he’s told the same story over and over again.

Not the same email, but the same story.

Which brings me to the point:

There’s many lessons you can pull from a single story.

When writing about my gig, I wrote about:

* How being a beginner is an advantage

* How to retain clients for years

* Why different seasons of life require different inputs from you

* Why being flakey is a business sin

* Practicing stone cold sober vs practicing after a few sips of bourbon

* How napping makes you more productive

* And how to turn a single story into an endless vault of content

And you know what?

It ain’t even that hard. It just requires an ounce of creativity and thinking.


If you need someone who can think creatively and turn mundane stories from your life into cold, hard cashola, grab a time here.

We’ll jump on a quick call to see if we’re a good fit.

And if we are?

Well, who knows. By this time next year, you might experience an absurd 2,000% growth in your revenue.

Results vary of course. But I accomplished this with one client. And you may be next.


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