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How to separate yourself from 99% of freelancers

I’m feeling a bit lazy today. So I’m gonna let @SalesWithDMoney do most of the legwork for this email.

He wrote a Twitter thread about how to separate yourself from 99% of freelancers. And rather than rehash what he wrote, I’m gonna copy and paste it for you here. Give him a follow if you like what he’s putting down.

Alright, without further ado…

Take the stage, DMoney:


What will separate you from 99% of other freelancers and make people want to hire you again and again?

Literally just be reliable. If you say you're going to do something, do it. And if you give a deadline, meet that deadline or give them huge amounts of notice.

If you cancel or delay progress last minute you are in the bottom rung and deserve to be there.

The number of times I have heard excuses like "I was at the hospital and my phone died" and "I am dealing with family issues" (both just this week) lmao

When you're ready to take yourself seriously, then you should be asking for freelancing.

Until then, figure out how to be reliable because you're just going to be hurting your reputation and burning bridges.

Be someone you yourself would recommend to others.

On my end hiring, seems clear some good ways to mitigate this:

-Always set clear expectations and deadline

-Check in on progress regularly

-Sever ties when necessary, no hard feelings

"my electricity went out. should only be a few more hours" lmao somehow winners never have these problems... weird how that works


Pretty simple, right? Yet, as 99% of freelancers prove, not easy.

And as a business owner thinking about teaming up with a freelancer?

Heed DMoney’s advice. There’s only roughly 1% of freelancers who can back up what they say, deliver results, meet deadlines, and have clear communication.

But you know what?

You’re reading an email from a 1% freelancer right now. So if’n you need help making more sales and printing more freedom with your emails, grab a time here. And we’ll set up a quick call to see if partnering makes sense.


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