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How to send daily emails (even when you’re on vacation)

I’ve been on vacation the last 12 days. (At the time of writing, not necessarily the time you're reading.)

Did you even notice?

Probably not because I’ve continued sending my daily email.

But… I didn’t work much on vacation. I barely even wrote many sentences, let alone paragraphs, emails, or sales letters.

Yet, these here emails never missed a beat, how?

I’m magic.

That’s how.

In fact, I’ve chatted with my subconscious, and we concocted this new plan:

When I’m sleeping, I “hire” my subconscious to write emaisl for me.

(if you noticed a few tpyos here and teher taht’s y)

I bet there’s a few people reading this who actually believe me.

Gullible ain’t the word.

Okay, here’s *really* how I did it:

Most days, I write one email for my personal list.

If I’m feeling ambitious or have an idea I need to get down on “paper,” I’ll do 2 or 3.

Well, for the last coupla weeks, I’ve been writing 3-5 emails for myself per day.

Best part?

I balanced this all with squeezing in a month’s worth of client work in 2 weeks.

I’ve been burning the candle stick at both ends because I don’t have to worry about burnout. Turns out, 12-day vacations are an effective antidote to burnout.

(Lesson in there)

Okay, so what’s the point of this email?

Coupla of em:

1. Practice the freedom you have. Or you’ll lose it.

2. The world doesn't end when you don’t work for 12 days. (Something I never woulda done when I started my business.)

3. You can do more than you can think.

4. You can do less than you think.

Okay, I have a little backlog of client work to handle since I’m back “in the office.”

So I’ll leave you with this:

If you wanna take more vacations, prevent burnout, and enjoy the life you have while you have it…

Improving your email marketing strategy is the single most effective marketing channel for freedom.

Imagine you’re sipping Piña Coladas with sand squeezed in between your toes as the rays of pure bliss (aka sunshine) reign down on your tan body—and since you were smart enough to reply to one of these emails, you check your Stripe account and see money continuing to roll in as you decompress on the beach.

All because of one wee little decision to hit reply, then jump on a 15-minute call, and partner together.

Ahhh, makes me relaxed just writing about it.

What say you?


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