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How to sell out any product every time you hit “send”

Couple days ago, I was on a call with one of my clients where he said…


“Every time we send something, we sell out.”

Which actually creates a lot of work on his end with ordering more products and restocking and such. But it’s a good problem to have.

In fact, in my “Profit First Emails Product Launch System” book, I even tell a story about one of our product launches could’ve been twice as profitable. But we kept selling out and couldn’t keep the product in stock for more than 10 minutes.

Not a joke.

Even a lil “out of stock” email generated $24,746.76 in revenue.

The most successful email in this campaign came after the initial product launch, when we had enough in stock, and generated $47,022.06 in cold, hard cashola.

And I’ve been on a lil winning streak where we sell out of a different product every time I send an email about it.

But it wasn’t always that way…

Sit down, buckle up, and grab a steaming cup of black coffee.

Time for a story:

Back when I first started working with this particular client, he was down bad.

He gawked when I quoted my price (which was less than half the price I charge today).

He had a big list – close to 100k mfs on it – but it was dead af. It was rare if he got over a 10% open rate. And he had even more abysmal results for the revenue these emails created.

Well, we got off to a slow start.

The open rates and click through rates improved. The emails made more guap. But they were nothing compared to the numbers we do now.

Around this time, I’d be lucky if an email made $3k.

At the end of 2019, after working with him for a couple o’ months, we drove $23,285.42 in revenue from email.

The next year?

I boosted email revenue by 572.48% and drove $156,584.54 into his pockets. (This was also smack-dab in the middle of a pandemic…)

And in 2021?

I boosted email revenue by 264.1% and added an extra $570,130.69 into his wallet.

In total, I boosted email by 2,348.44% from when we started working together. (And it’s even higher now as I did these calculations a few weeks back.)

Here’s a recap:

2019 email revenue: $23,285.42

2020 email revenue: $156,584.54

2021 email revenue: $570,130.69

And the cherry on top?

We sell out of a product every time I hit send now.

Okay, okay so what’s the secret?

Well, there are plenty. You can find many in the book I sent you yesterday.

But the most important (and the least sexy)?


If you want to make more cheddar from your emails, you have to show up consistently. Otherwise, mfs forget you.

And when they forget you?

They mark you as spam (which tanks your deliverability and future emails).

Of course, there are other things I did that helped.

But if we didn’t send consistent emails two years ago, we’d never sell out of any product today.

Several lessons in there if you pick up on em.

If you have a business with a proven offer… and need help sending profitable emails consistently, book a discovery call. Maybe we can work something out.

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