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How to piss off the gang from It’s Always Sunny

Couple months back, when the It’s Always Sunny podcast still published episodes, I watched a podcast about a banned episode of It’s Always Sunny.

If’n you never watched the podcast, they rewatch an episode of It’s Always Sunny each week, so they can talk about their favorite parts—and go off on tangents completely unrelated to the episode itself.

Except for one podcast, where they rewatched a “forbidden” episode…

Y’see, It’s Always Sunny being a comedy show that’s been running for damn near 20 years means they made a couple of episodes that now *gasp* offends snowflake-types.

(Don’t these people realize that comedy is supposed to be offensive?)


Since It’s Always Sunny is on Hulu, which is owned by Disney (perhaps the biggest purveyor of snowflakey content), Hulu banned certain episodes where members of the gang appear “raycist.”

Of course, they never considered that the entire show itself revolves around the life of the 4 most despicable humans on earth, so of fkn course they’re gonna be obliviously raycist without even realizing that’s how they come across, nor that this is what makes the show so damn funny.

For example, one of these forbidden episodes is where the gang makes Lethal Weapon 5 where Mac and Dennis play Murtaugh (played by Danny Glover) and Martin Riggs (played by Mel Gibson), and then switch which character plays which (and which one wears bl*ckface), creating an absolutely hilarious rendering of the classic 80s movie.

Well, after Hulu banned these episodes, the gang was pissed.

They worked their arses off on these episodes. And for the mickey mouse corporation to pretend to not “get” the comedy behind it so they can ban it pissed them off.

To them, It’s Always Sunny is a work of art. And works of art, at least in normal times, shouldn't get banned willy-nilly. It’s obvious that the actors who play these characters aren’t raycist—and if their entire show is based on the idea that they are the 4 worst humans to live, then, well, they should have as much creative liberty as they so please.

And you know what?

Something similar happens all the time to online business owners.

Despite a different content, corporations don’t like you.

The powers that be detest you.

And Silicon Valley circle jerking types who get trapped at Burning Man and own powerful tech companies want to watch you die a painful death.

And the same way Hulu has the final say on which It’s Always Sunny episodes they “allow” on their streaming service, so it is with these social media companies.

Say something “off color” 15 years ago, and stir up enough controversy for a no-life basement dweller to stop watching pron long enough to dig through your history?

You get banned.

Even with Elon taking over Twitter, this still happens.

Despite your feelings on the subject, this happens not because of the lethal political landscape we find ourselves in, but for a much simpler reason:


Which brings me to the point:

You don’t “own” your social media followers in the same way the gang doesn't “own” It’s Always Sunny.

But you do “own” your email list.

And while an email service software can ban you, you can take your list and move it to another platform. You can’t say the same about social media.

Moral of the story?

There are two points:

1. Email marketing will always be superior to social media marketing (and if you have a big following, but not a big email list, mayhap I can help…)

2. Make it a practice to consistently back up your list into a CSV file.

The real problem with these tech giants is that they don’t play by the same rules for different people. And if you’re right of Joe Biden’s puppet, then, well, your days are probably numbered.

Nothing you can do about that, but there is something you can do in the aftermath of getting banned:

Like having an email list, emailing it often, and backing it up consistently.

Hell, an email list can also help you turn your banning into a profitable event.


Need help getting this plan in place, so you don’t lose your livelihood when you get banned?

Hit reply, and let’s chat.


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