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How to make your customers scream “OMG!!” in delight

True story:

A couple months back, Peanut and I left our abode in Ohio to go to an EDM show in Michigan. Not only was there an artist playing there we wanted to see, but one of our friends was also on the bill.

The tickets were only something like $20 a pop too, so ‘twas a simple decision.


When we got to the show, we missed the merch that our friend had brought. But Peanut connected with our friend’s girlfriend, and ordered some merch from her.

Well, this merch got delivered to our crib the other day. And here’s how I know…

When Peanut ripped the package open, she screamed “OMG!!!!!” at the top of her lungs.

I thought someone—or something—infiltrated our house….

Neighbors started crawling out of their houses….

And we even had to call off the 5-0…

Turns out, Peanut screamed OMG at the top of her lungs in pure, unadulterated delight.


Well, checky:

The merch took longer than expected to get delivered. I think they ran out of merch completely, and so they had to go back to the printers to make more before they could send it off. And since the merch took longer than expected, they decided to throw in a bag of goodies. Not just some lame bag of goodies a typical ecom brand would throw in either, but personalized and thoughtful gifts (which included like 4 new pairs of earrings for Peanut).

And that, my friend, is how you elicit pure delight from your customers.

By serving them.

Many ways to apply this “lesson” into any kind of business. Mayhap you should study this email and figure out ways to apply the “lesson” to your business. No, it won’t be easy. Serving other people in ways they’d like to be served requires brainpower that you can’t skimp out on.

But figure this out? And yes, you’ll drown in spoils.

Speaking of drowning in spoils…

If you have already done the legwork creating a successful company and figure now’s the time to dump kerosine on it with email, you couldn’t be in a more appropriate place. In fact, it could even be fate

So here’s what you need to do to not upset the powers of fate itself:

Grab a time here, and we’ll jump on a quick call. If’n we decide we’re a good fit, then, well, not only will we have fate at our backs, but we’ll have cashola in our coffers as well.


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