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How to make more sales with lower open rates

Let’s play a game today.

I recently ran a 3-day promotion for one of my clients. And we had massive success. (More on this campaign mañana.)

But for now, let’s play a little game, based on “blind stat reveals” popular on sports shows:

Which email do you think made more moolah?

Email A:

Open rate: 40.4%

Click rate: 2.7%

(Both healthy numbers other email marketers would probably fap over.)


Email B:

Open rate: 12%

Click rate: 0.9%

Which one do you have? Email A or Email B?

Despite my subject line kinda giving it away…

I still suspect many and many-a people (especially email marketing “gurus” who don’t know diddly about making sales) would say Email A.

But you know what?

Email B made more sales and more cold, hard cash than Email A.

Here’s the story:

Email A went out to a highly segmented, but small list.

These folks are some of the most engaged on the list.

Email B went out to a much larger, but less engaged segment.

And so, even though a smaller percentage of people opened and clicked on Email B, more people total opened, clicked, and bought.

Numbers lie, cully.

And you know what?

Those email marketers who fap over segmentation are dead wrong.

I’m not saying to never segment.

But too much segmentation can kill your sales.


You can’t pay your bills with high open rates.

You can, however, pay your bills with sales.

In my freelancing biz, I always optimize for sales.

That’s why I don’t spend much time looking at open rates, click-through rates, or other vanity metrics.

Do with this what thou wilt.

If’n you need help making more sales—to the tune of, mayhap, 2,348.44% more sales—from email, and you have a proven offer and a list, book a call.

Seriously, book a call right now and let’s set up a meeting.

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