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How to make more by working less

I’ve made a conscious effort since 2020 to simplify my business. 

At the time, I was working with 10+ clients, doing wildly different projects. I’d start with an email, then write a landing page, then write product descriptions, then write fake reviews (I only did this once, and I regretted it almost immediately after), and then finish with podcast show notes. Each project was for a different and oftentimes in completely different niches. 

I was a young and hungry and stoopid biz owner in those days. 

I said yes to any project that came across my desk. 

And despite working at least 20 hours longer, on average, per week, I made many times fewer shekels. 

So, towards the end of 2020, I had one goal:

Make more money by working less. 

As such, I had to cut ties with problem clients. I had to improve my sales skills and offers. And I had to upsell my current clients if they wanted me to continue writing copy for them. 

In fact, I wanted my most expensive client to become my cheapest client. 

Checking in from 2023, and I’ve more than accomplished that goal. My most expensive client now pays me more than 3x as much. His original quote would be one of my cheapest clients today. Of course, I’ve still had my fair share of bad deals—including one that’s been absolutely devouring my time, a story for another day—and other shytty biz owners who agree to one thang on a call, but then do another in practice. 

But my business is simpler. It’s more profitable. And it’s more enjoyable. 

Why I’m telling you this?

Simple, cully:

Too many business owners want ultimate control over their business—but this control costs them mightily. 

This desire to control leads to micromanaging. It leads to confusion on your team and through your customer base. It devours your freedom. And it makes you less replaceable, which should be your goal as a business owner because when business owners aren’t replaceable, they often break shit throughout their company and set fires to anything they can get their hands on to justify them being involved in the business. 

This, of course, nukes your revenue and impact and freedom. 

It’s also caused divorces and Only Fans models. 

The solution?

Figure out how to make more by working less. 

It sounds oversimplified. And maybe it is. But it works. 

Now, the problem is that this solution varies from company to company. 

For my company, I needed to outsource lead gen, charge more for my services, and fire problem clients. 

For your company, it might mean hiring a closer, syncing up with an email marketing expert (like yours truly), or raising your prices. 

The point of this email ain’t to solve all your problems. Instead, it’s to tell you this: 

It’s possible to set up your business to maximize both your take home revenue and freedom.

Freedom you can spend however you see fit by the way. 

But it often involves taking a leap of faith. Without taking this leap of faith, you may end up with a life like Henry David Thoreau described: Leading a life of quiet desperation. 

That’s the bad news. 

The good news? 

Well, a leap of faith today could be as simple as hitting reply to this here email, and hopping on a call with El John-o. 

Not only has my email copy turned middling 6-figure businesses into thriving 7-figure businesses, but I also understand how to get out of your business’s way, so it can flourish. 

Anywho, hit reply, and let’s see what happens. 


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