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How to learn more in the next 10 min than the last year

Let’s test out a new offer, shall we?

Here’s the deal:

I’m taking over as Copy Chief for one of my clients who hires and trains a bunch of copywriters.

One of my new roles is handing out copy critiques.

And the other day, I was on a copy call and gave a copywriter fresh off the turnip truck (i.e. new) a detailed copy critique.

To which he said:

“I learned more in 10 minutes of your critique than I have in 2 months just guessing.”

Which bred this new offer:

For a limited time (whenever I decide to pull it), you can pay me $100, and I’ll critique your copy.

Here are the rules:

1. You can’t go overboard with this. Which means, I’m not gonna review your 5,000+ word sales letter for a hundred bucks.

2. You only get one piece of copy critiqued, but it can be anything. Emails, bullets for your sales letter, website copy, landing page copy, etc.

3. You can submit as many pieces of content you’d like. But each one is $100.

If’n you wanna take advantage of this, here’s what you have to do:

1. Reply to this email and let me know you want a critique.

2. I’ll send you an invoice for 100 smackers (USD). Once you pay that, I’ll open your copy.

3. I’ll record a short Loom video and leave comments in your Google Docs.

If you have any questions, you can ask after I critique your copy.

Now, that said…

I can’t promise how quickly I’ll critique your copy. I have other priorities, so don’t expect it back within 5 minutes of you sending it to me.

But if you send me 100 bones, I’ll review your copy.

And while your experience determines how valuable this is to you—because it will probably be more valuable to newbie copywriters than seasoned pros, but I could be wrong—you might just learn more in 5-10 minutes than you have in years before.

Let me add some credibility to the idea of copy critiques before we wrap:

One of my first clients was the one I mentioned at the beginning of this email. I came in writing copy way too much like Ben Settle. The constant receiving (and dishing out) of copy critiques by other trained copywriters improved my copy chops more than any book, newsletter, or course ever did.


It’s putting action into practice. Instead of inaction into practice, which is what you get with 99% of courses, books, newsletters, etc.

I’m confident it will make dramatic improvements in your copy chops too.

So pull out your wallet, take out a fresh Benjamin, and send me an email with the subject line: "Copy Crit" and attach the piece of copy you want critiqued.

(You will disqualify yourself for not following instructions)


P.S. Looking for an ongoing email copywriter who can boost your email revenue by as much as 264.1%?

Then book a call here, and let's chat.

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