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how to keep clients for yeeeeeeeeears

Warning: this is yet another example of me milking the gig I played recently for all its worth.


One of my favorite aspects of that gig—besides playing it in general—was the compliments I received.

No, no, I’m not *that* much of a narcissist. Rather, it was a specific compliment both my drummer and I received:

Everyone thought we’ve been practices are arses off (together) because we were so. damn. tight.

Truth is, we only practiced a handful of times. But we both played in the same band years ago and built up an insane amount of chemistry.

Which brings me to the point:

Wanna know the “unsexy” way to retain clients for years—mayhap even decades—on end?

Chemistry baby!

Now, here’s the thing…

This is the furthest thing from a “hack” or “quick tip” possible. Chemistry takes time. Faking it backfires. And it’s got nada to do with results.

But you can give yourself a head start with developing chemistry.


By having a similar personality or similar values and influences.

For example, using the gig example:

We share similar political views (which is abnormal in the music industry). We like similar genres, have similar senses of humor, and enjoy similar activities — like throwing around iron in the gym.

This, of course, makes us better at making music together. It’s not as important as the 5-ish years we spent touring and gigging together. But it helps.

Like I said, not easy to fake or find a shortcut to. But if’n you develop this with your clients, you have lifetime clients. In fact, this chemistry factor is one of the biggest reasons why one client told me I was like the son he never had.

Figure out a way to incorporate this into your business and, well, you’ll be unstoppable.

Which reminds me…

If you need someone who knows how to build this level of chemistry with your email list—turning subscribers into lifetime fans— then book a call and let’s chat.

It mayhap not happen overnight, but the sooner you book a call, the sooner we can (potentially) get started.


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