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How to finish your workday by noon

I saw a tweet from the great Mr. Moneybags (Dylan Madden) recently.



If I gave you 2 hours to get your work done, you would do it.

Pure intention. Clear minded action. No wasted time.

You take 8 hours because you give yourself unlimited time.


In my experience?

Checks out.

For example, if you read my email from the other day you know I’m enjoying myself on vacation.

I busted my arse the last few weeks—working twice as long as normal, writing 2-3x more emails (both for myself and my clients)—annnnnd…

I finished a whole month of work in two weeks.

This happens in a typical week too.

When I’m laser-focused, ignoring my girl as she whispers sweet nothings into my ear while I’m banging out copy (yes, I live that “but baaabe, I’m horny!!” meme), and not staring at a blank screen, I can finish my work by noon.

But when I get distracted by my girl, my workload, social media, or anything else, it takes me twice as long to finish work.

And y’know what?

Psychologists actually gave this phenomenon a nickname:

Parkinson’s Law.

Which means, work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion.

This is why everyone gets more done in weeks leading up to a vacation.

When you give yourself less time to complete your work?

You’ll get it done in time.

When you give yourself all day to work on 3 things?

You’ll be burning that midnight oil baby.

To quote a phrase popularized by Mr. Moneybags himself:

“Understand this and prosper.”


If you need help making more money from every single email you send — while building a rabid fanbase who will buy every product you cook up in your noggin…

book a consultation here.

And we’ll jump on a quick, 15-minute call to see if we’re a good fit.

And if we are?

Well, cully, you might just add another 0 to your bank account within the next year.

Call me on my bluff.

I dare you.


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