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How the law of attraction *actually* works

Gurus spout off about the law of attraction like it’s the magical antidote to all your woes.


Because it sounds good and fills you with hope. It’s simple and easy to implement: “All you have to do is think about what you want and the universe will give it to you!!!” And it dupes the masses like, well, magic.

There’s just one big, fat, hairy problem with the law of attraction:

It don’t work like that.

Sure, thinking about the life you wanna live is helpful. And yes, it’s better to try to attract the things you want in life with your thoughts than to think about how miserable your life is.

But the law of attraction don’t give a rat’s arse about your thoughts.

Wanna know what it *does* care about?

Your actions.

In fact, if you swap out thoughts for action in the law of attraction equation, it works—like gangbusters, I might add.

When you take certain actions that are in your control, you’re telling the universe that every fiber of your being believes in the law of attraction. And not in the hippy dippy, rah rah guru type of way. But in the real way.

For example:

Take this daily email I do.

I’ve landed a bunch of clients because of my emails. Yes, I’m good at what I do. But I’m also “forcing” the law of attraction to do my bidding for me by showing up every day and writing an email.

I’m showing the universe my commitment, my expertise, and my confidence with each email I send.

This works with anything you want.

So why don’t most people employ it?

They’re allergic to taking action.

It feels better to sit and think and hope the law of attraction will work for them. Than to sit down and do the work.

But hear this, my friend:

Doing the work—whatever that means to you and your business—is the key that makes the law of attraction work.


One action you can take today to prove to the universe that you deserve success is by hopping on a quick discovery call with yours truly.

And we'll test it out and see what happens.

(We’ll—aka myself and the law of attraction—will be waiting for you.)


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