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how long takith to right emale?

Howzdat for a grammer-based subject line?

Fit with typos n’all innit?

Lemme fix my grammarometer real quicklike….


Let’s boogie:

How long does it take you to write an email?

As for me?

It takes anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple hours.

This one you’re reading now took 10 minutes.

Some take much longer.

But you know what?

I spend the most time writing the email. And almost no time designing.

This is especially true for my own personal emails here.

But ‘tis also true for my clients emails.

Here why I bring it up:

I heartell many email copywriters taking up to 8 hours to write, edit, and design an email.

I couldn't think of a bigger waste of time.

Your emails don’t hafta be perfect to make money. (In fact, there’s a “sneaky” trick I pull outta my copywriting magic bag of tricks every once in a while where I purposely mess something up, so I have an excuse to send another email. It’s a sneaky, trig ol’ trick, indeed, so it is. And not one I recommend using often. But when done right, at the right time, it works like gangbusters, and that is the truth.)

Writing emails—and writing emails fast as lightning—is one of the easiest ways to boost your income.

That’s part of the reason I don’t design emails.

(Lol but the other half is I don’t know how to design, because, well, it’s a waste of time.)

And the third half (I don’t know who’s running the math here) of the reason?

Emails with heavy HTML elements (including even a banner logo at the top of your email) increases Gmail’s likelihood of excommunicating your emails to the dreaded spam folder.

Not good.

Anyway, I’m approaching the 10-minute limit I set here to finish this masterpiece of an email.

So the moral of the story?

Good > Perfect

That’s as good a place as any to wrap this diddy up.

Wanna make more loot while working less?

Have a proven offer and an email list?

Book a discovery call and let's chat. I’ll take over your emails, and you do whatever you feel like without worrying about money coming in.

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