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How ignoring clients makes them love you

Before we get started today, I’m not saying you should ghost your clients.

But ignoring them every now and again is good for bidness.

Here’s why:

When you’re available 24/7 to your clients, you devalue yourself. Your time. And your impact.

It makes them think you have nothing else better going on, which puts you at the mercy of their schedule. Instead of, y’know, making them bend to the mercy of your schedule.

Subtle difference, yes. But one which makes a powerful impact.

And you know what?

When you aren’t available 24/7, you make your clients respect you and your time more.

Which results in…

* More love

* Better results

* Less time-wasting meetings

And more.

Client relationships are a lot like opposite sex relationships.

Being available at the drop of a hat shows your clients (or that girl you wanna hang out with) that you’re needy. And needy mfs cannot be trusted or respected or paid what they’re worth.

Let’s take it a step further…

Always being available is like dousing yourself with client-repellant.

And it’s only a matter of time until they jump ship.

Here’s why I bring it up:

As I write this, I’m on an almost two-week vacation. None of my clients care. They’re all paying me the same monthly retainer as normal (even though I’m missing half the month).

Now, I didn’t leave my clients hanging.

I busted my balls getting ahead of schedule with all my clients.

My emails are gonna bring in fat stacks of cash even as I read and skimboard on the beach without a care in the mf world.

And here’s the weirdest part:

Every time I go on a vacation, I come back to a more successful business that makes more money.

This has already happened on this vacation — because when I come back I have a copy chief position waiting for me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I land another client or two while I’m on vacation either. Or if a current client decides to upgrade their package. Because this happens every time I travel.

Pretty cool, eh?

Turns out the secret for unlimited growth is going on vacation.

I can see the course I’ll create one day already:

“How to grow your business by taking more vacations.”

Anyway, I digress…

If’n you need someone to send emails that make you so much money you can travel anywhere in the world without worrying about your business going bankrupt, hit reply.

If you have a proven offer and a list, let's hop on a quick call to make sure you’re a good fit.

Then we’ll meet up on a lavish vacation and watch the money roll into our bank accounts.

Sound good?


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