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How I wrote an ad for the Super Bowl

Clickbait is a lot like alcohol:

It’s good—sometimes—in small doses only. So use today’s subject line as a shot of fireball:

Because, yes, it’s clickbait. And yes, it’s okay to use for a day like today because I’m gonna reveal a powerful lil trick you can use for your business.

No, I didn’t actually write an ad for the Super Bowl.

(And, I think this is a testament of my amazing copy skillz — because if’n you watched Super Bowl 57, I’m guessing the commercials left you as unimpressed as the ending of the game.)

But I also did write an ad for the Super Bowl… well, kinda.

Here’s the story:

One of my clients has a connection to the NFL. I won’t spoil anything or name drop any details other than that.

As you can imagine, yesterday, a couple hours before the big game started, I sent out an email to my client’s list on his behalf.

And you can bet your sweet arse that I “milked” the NFL connection my client has to sell more of his service.

Which brings me to the point:

One of the most powerful copywriting tricks in the game is to “enter the conversation folks are already having in their head.”

(S/o to Robert Collier for the lesson.)

If America had one defining event—one that happens in the present and isn’t a way to aggrandize the past—it would be the Super Bowl. If you read my email from a week ago, you’d know why.

Everyone tunes in to watch the Super Bowl. As such, it’s already in everybody’s heads. And by simply mentioning it, you enter the conversation people are having in their heads. By “milking” your connection to the NFL, you’re also sneakily adding in a layer of social proof that most brands can’t duplicate or fake.

And that’s the story about how I wrote an ad for the Super Bowl.

Best part? It cost nada (besides my outlandish fees for email… which pale in comparison to the $7 million fee for a 30-second spot... mayhap I need to raise my prices).


It’s already too late for me to write a Super Bowl ad for your business. But I can still help you enter the convo people are having in their heads and make oodles of cheddar cheese every time you send out an email.

Wanna see if I can help your brand?

Book a call here, and let’s hop on a quick chat to find out.


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