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How I increased a welcome series conversion rate by 281.94% (without writing ANY new copy)

About a month ago, something odd happened in one of my client’s Klaviyo accounts:

Out of nowhere, the welcome series stopped converting as high as it normally does. It brings in at least $10,000 of new revenue and new customers every month on autopilot. And yet, even though I never changed a word of copy in the emails since I rewrote the welcome series towards the end of last year (and it’s collectively driven well over $100 grand since I implemented it), it suddenly stopped working.


Well, to be honest, I still have no idea why a welcome series where, in the worst month, it still generated $10k failed to reach that milestone the past month or so.

Again, I didn’t change a word of the copy.

But, as any good email marketer should do, I investigated what was going on with it.

As I was investigating, I noticed that another similar falloff had happened with our popup form:

It converted like crazy at the beginning (thanks to introducing a two-step form instead of just a one-step form), but then it fell off.

And so, being the lazy mf I am (which is a good thing, as you should know after reading 350+ of my emails), I decided instead of completely fvcking with a welcome series that usually converts, I decided to tweak the signup form instead.

If the problem still persisted after tweaking the form, then yes, I would go into the welcome series itself and start making changes. But there’s no point in doing that when the 10 prior months of the welcome series prove that it converts like gangbusters.

Don’t fix what ain’t broken.

Well, luckily for me, tweaking the form created an absurd shift in the welcome series conversion rate.

In fact, it’s up 281.94% from the previous 30 days in Klaviyo. And that 281.94% translates to it generating $15,078.54 over the past 30 days.

Best part?

We’re only dealing with about 600 contacts in here in a given 30 day period.

Rather insane results, if I do say so myself (and I do).

Moral of the story?

Sometimes your biggest copy or conversion problem doesn’t actually have to do with your copy, but with how you qualify people before they decide to fork over their email address to you.

Many such cases.


If you need an email detective who will snuff out these problems, make smart tweaks, and write banging copy that generates massive lump sums of moolah, book a call here, and let’s chat.


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