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How I added an extra $92k in revenue in just 86 days

I just crunched some numbers in Klaviyo.

In the past 86 days, I’ve created an additional…

Wait for it…

$92,630.07 for one of my clients.

Emphasis on additional.

Because this is in addition to the $265,612.15 in revenue I generated in the same time period.

Don’t believe me? I know, these numbers seem almost too good to be true, so here’s some proof…

First, for the additional $92k (which is split up into 4 automations… and more to come):

Second, for the total amount of revenue both the company and my email marketing strategy brought in over the same 86 day period:

So, what’s my secret?

Well, besides meticulously strengthening the relationship with this list for about four years, figuring out the exact words to say and the correct order to say them to elicit sales every time we hit send, the additional revenue comes from something I’ve talked about in the past which bears repeating. Not only is repetition the best way to learn, but there’s also been 86 days of data to confirm my beliefs:

The extra $92k in 86 days comes from something I refer to as my VIP Sequence.

Because it only goes out to our VIP clients—or the top 20% of our customers which drive 80% of the revenue for my client.

Best part?

The additional $92k comes from only a tiny segment of our total audience. In fact, the VIP segment only has 3,376 customers—proving that you don’t need a big list to make big profits with email.

Better yet?

I still haven’t even made a dent in the lifespan of this VIP sequence. In fact, we’re only 86 days into a campaign that will span many months, and bring in a metric fvckton more of revenue.


Need help setting something like this up in your email marketing strategy? Hit reply, and let’s see if we’re a good fit.


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