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“how do you blast out emails everyday non-stop?”

A subscriber recently wrote in and asked the following:


John I have to ask,

Apart from writing an email everyday.

What would you attribute to you being able to blast out emails everyday non-stop?

Seems like you shoot from the hip more than others which is a breath of fresh air.


ChatGPT and its milquetoast, “offend nobody” corporate copy could neva!

Such is the power of being a bonafide wordslinger:

Being able to blast out emails every day non-stop, shooting from the hip, and spellbinding all my subscribers with a wicked case of Stockholm’s syndrome where they literally become addicted to my wordslinging ways.

(Quick aside: Wouldn’t it be nice to develop this level of brand loyalty—nay, brand Stockholm Syndrome—with your list of customers to the point where every time you hit “send,” you drown in new loot and spoils?)

Anyway, thanks for the compliment Reese.

As for the rest of you burning to know my answer?

Let me temper your expectations a bit because it isn’t exactly rocket science how I whip up emails everyday.

But here’s my answer:

1. Emails beget emails (as Reese already astutely pointed out)

2. I keep a notes page on my phone, and write down ideas when they happen so I remember them. I read something cool in a book, weird situation happens to me, have a meeting filled with email fodder, etc. I write it down in my phone, and check it off when I write about it.

This secret folder in my email notes app scrolls for miles and miles worth of thumb scrolls. And there are at least 50 email ideas in there right now that I haven’t even started thinking about.

Which brings me to the last, and mayhap most important part:

3. I genuinely have fun writing emails for myself. It's a breath of fresh air to me from client work, where I always have to tweak my voice to the client, spend more time researching, and don't get to shoot from the hip as much.

Plus, something I didn’t tell Reese:

I start my days writing an email for myself, and it “conditions” my brain for a long day of writing copy.

It makes me write better copy for my clients.

Plus, I’m also one of my own subscribers. I read almost every email I send, but it’s usually delayed days or weeks because I’m ahead. And I find reading my copy almost as fun as writing it.

Anywho, that’s all I got for you today.

Wanna give your email list the same level of “Brand Stockholm Syndrome” that I’ve given mine? Book a call here, and let’s hex some mfs to whip out their credit cards to pay you—as long as paying you means improving their life in the future.

Meet you back here tomorrow,

The Wordslinger

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